Aesop: a complete love story

I adore the Australian skin and body brand Aesop. Every time I travel, I make sure to stock up on its aromatic hand cleansers like this one,  body balms that smell like sweet vanilla and sandalwood like this and then the pièce de rèsistance of hand creams, This. It sits beside my bed and I use it every night before bed. I moisturise my hands and then cup my face and take three deep inhales of the delicious scent. It instantly relaxes me and has become a little ritual that I look forward to and also signals sleepy-time. I don’t buy Aesop often but when I do I savour the smells, feelings it evokes and the beautifully clean and simple packaging. Of all the brands I’ve come across in beauty, Aesop is at the top of the list.You can buy it in South Africa here online and they deliver. If you’re in Cape Town, stop and savour a double-shot flat white from Loading Bay’s cafe, trust – they make ’em good.

Do you have any night time rituals to switch off?

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