Babylonstoren – a modern farm

This farm is something very special. We visited for my birthday at the end of August when the ground was still brown but blossoms were beginning to flush with pinks and whites on the peach and plum trees. Everything is so considered – from the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ matching gum boots in each room, to the complimentary bouquet of freshly plucked Proteas and Spekboom  gifted to me as a birthday treat.

We arrived on a Saturday morning and were shown to our room – a white washed cottage suite close to the Garden Spa. Each unit is a renovated farm cottage with an open fireplace and tiny patio out back, overlooking the trees groaning with lemons and other citrus fruit, ready for picking.

We spent some time at the spa and then at Babel for dinner where we dined on fresh veggie salads and crispy lamb cutlets.

My best part of the stay? The chance to enjoy a walk through the gardens as the afternoon turned to dusk, when the day visitors had long left for the day where it was beautifully peaceful and cool.

Visit Babylonstoren for more info and images on this unique farm in Franschhoek.


Taking a late afternoon stroll – notice the shells used to line the pathways?

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