The best kind of gift

The work world in an interesting one. You’re thrust into a realm where you might not like the people you work with yet  you spend more time with them than your  pet Fiddle Leaf fig potplant and likely husband. There’s the risk of clashing personalities, awkward confrontations, hierarchical dramas and times when insecurity strikes. Other times, you can’t believe your luck and colleagues become lifelong friends and belong to group chats that are very much still in use.

Case in point, this Remodelista coffee table book. I received this book as a birthday gift from a group of colleagues, who knew that it was something I would simply adore.

Since the moment I flipped its thick glossy pages, I knew it’s no ordinary coffee table book. In fact, this way of ‘considered’ living and the glorious homes featured among its softly monochromatic pages has inspired me to create TO HAVE & TO FOLD. So, instead of a coffee table book that gathers dust, this baby has pride of place next to my bedside table, to remind me of the friends I have made and the life I want to create as I flip every page.

Have you received any gifts like this?

X Tessa



A section at the back is dedicated to iconic designs that we still use today because of their brilliance



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