9 cleaning tools that are beautiful to look at

Cleaning is often considered a laborious task, which is why investing in a  modernist broom or hardworking cloth can make the task that much better and more enjoyable. As instead of these items – which usually end up shoved at the back of a pantry, they become part of what you cherish in your home.  I tend to collect cleaning-product inspiration on my Pinterest board here, so it was such a welcome surprise to see that Weylandts is stocking some beautiful brushes and brooms, locally.

The German brand of brushes is called Bürstenhaus Redecker  and as a company they pride themselves in the fact that they’re one of the last to handcraft brushes and brooms and have done so for 75 years. Below are some of my favourites, all of which are available from Weylandts.

X Tessa


A tiny set to clean hairbrushes – I mean!


acccook0610-frontWire bristles are great for barbeques and braais


The colour of the year – almost too pretty to use. Don’t use on non-stick cookwear though. And this video shows you how to clean cast iron with it or one similar




A shoe brush kit – all the bells an whistles. Keep posted for my tutorial on cleaning shoes.

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