How to | wash your silks

I’m a strong believer in taking gentle care of special fabrics. I promise you, the more you look after your clothes, the longer they last and their condition stays top-notch.

Yes, it can be a bit of a hassle taking the time to individually wash items but its make the world of difference. We have a silk/delicate setting on our washing machine, which I sometimes use for hardier items but for smalls and especially lingerie, I wash by hand.

Using lukewarm water and a capful of Woolite, I gently soak the items for no longer than 5 minutes, otherwise the colour can run. Rinse in fresh water and then gently squeeze out excess water.  I lay the items on an absorbent towel (I like the thin, Huck,  cotton ones from Mungo) and roll them up inside like a sausage. Then I squeeze the sausage to absorb more water. Lastly, Drape the items on a dry towel lying flat, or with light shirts, on a padded hanger. They will dry in no-time.

X Tessa



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