How to| DIY coconut oil hair mask and exfoliating scalp treatment

We’ve all heard about the brilliance of coconut oil. Body moisturiser? Of course. Substitute for frying oil? Absolutely. Ability to answer emails? Perhaps.. I decided to try a DIY hair mask because I’m quite literally hating my hair at the moment and figured a moisturising, calming treatment might help my dry, coarse curls.  A friend of mine also swears by an exfoliating concoction to brighten her blonde locks and to clear and refresh her scalp using baking soda and vinegar, so I thought i’d try this too.

May as well multimask, right? I used this delicious Skinceuticals masque – to alleviate some congestion – whilst I waited for the coconut oil to seep into my locks. These Comfort Zone, crescent moon shaped eye patches are great for dehydration lines around the eyes, too.

Once my hair had soaked for a good hour, I rinsed out the coconut oil with warm water. Let me warn you, it takes work to get it out. I then applied a big scoop of baking soda to my head and massaged it into my scalp followed by a rinse with the vinegar – it makes tiny bubbles on your scalp and starts tingling immediately! It took ages to fully rinse out all these ingredients but my hair did feel lighter and fresher afterwards. I still had to use a conditioner but my blonde was definitely brighter. However, I’m not sure I’ll repeat the performance anytime soon.


X Tessa

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