Organiser inspiration – 2 ways to clear out the clutter

Happy Monday readers!

I’ve spent most of the weekend packing boxes and itemising vases, jugs and cutlery. It’s been hard – even for me who likes to make lists for fun. It’s easy to get bogged down in the bubble wrap and kitchen paper, lose focus and start saying things like ‘just chuck the -garden spade/DSL router/bamboo bread board in box 7!’ To reclaim my inner organiser,  I like to browse calm, serene Pinterest boards, crema topped Americano in hand as a way to get back into my groove. Thankfully, lovely things to read also help – just like these two articles, which are giving me all the feels. Organising inspiration? Here it is.

  1. Emails. They’re digital clutter – much like digital photos –  but we’ll get to those another time.  I’m also guilty of letting my Inbox flood with irrelevant email updates and newsletters, which I know I’m probably never going to read. So,  I’m going to give Zach Hanlon’s method a bash. <update!> Fellow blogger Chereen Strydom from For the Beauty of It recommended Unroll.Me recently, which I’ve just tried – it makes unsubscribing from annoying emails so.much.easier.
  2.  This guy makes me want to throw everything away and start searching for just that one,  perfect grey, Acne cashmere cardi. I think a great way to start the year is by clearing out all the clutter and luckily since we’re moving house in a few short weeks so this will become mandatory. I say – There’s no better way to see that you have too much stuff than by having to pack it up and move it.. Especially when it comes to your wardrobe!

I hope you have a magical week! X Tessa


  1. Ah! Thank you so much for the mention! How amazing is Unroll me?! I must admit that I’ve since signed up for a whole bunch of newsletters… time to log into unroll me again, I think! Checking out the article by Zach Hanlon right this minute!

    PS: REALLY loving your blog! Such great posts!

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