Moving house part 1: 3 things to do first

Moving house is one of life’s greatest lessons. The more organised you are, the easier it will be – or so I hope. It’s also a very quick way to realise that everything you own won’t fit into ‘just 10 boxes’.

On the plus side, it does give a real chance to seriously clear out what you don’t need or want anymore. I’ve found the experience much more stressful than I thought it would be but these few tips have really helped so far.

Mark and Number All Boxes On Every Side – Even Underneath

Don’t write a list of the contents of the boxes on the side, rather write a number on each. Using a black Sharpie or permanent marker – write the number of the box on each flat surface – even underneath. This makes it easier to identify if it gets rolled on its side or upside down during transport.

Write All The Contents Down in a Digital Document You Can Share

This has been a bit of a nightmare. The list is loooonnnggg! And after a while it gets laborious trying to creatively name things. ‘Spanner that tightens legs of washing machine’, but its so necessary. We are putting some boxes into storage so its integral in knowing what we’re actually going to be storing – and whether its really worth it. I also recommend saving the list somewhere you and your better half or kids can access it, quickly to avoid having to rip open boxes to find that copper picture frame. This app for making and sharing lists does help with the day to day of packing organisation hell.

Pack Specific Items Carefully 

And by this I mean wine glasses. I started by merrily bubble wrapping a whole bunch of delicate champagne glasses and one cracked before I’d even boxed it. A quick Google search revealed that bubble wrap actually creates too much stick with delicate glass and ceramics. So, I bought a pile of kitchen paper – that you purchase by kilogram – and almost looks like unprinted newspaper to wrap up the delicates. So far, its worked like a dream. On that note, I’ve also repurposed a pile of dish towels and napkins by using them to buffer the edges of picture frames and add some cushioning to boxes going into storage.

I’ll be posting part 2 of Moving House soon!

x Tess

Second time round success with kitchen paper – I did pack the box they were stored in with bubble wrap too for extra protection

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