Moving house part 2: when things don’t go to plan

Moving day was upon us! I’d packed, boxed, wrapped, lifted and folded everything I could possibly fathom. And as organised I thought I was, it was still a stressful experience and there were still bits and pieces that didn’t go as planned.

Firstly, we had that random box

You know the one, the one that becomes the orphanage for wayward kitchen utensils, double adaptors and rolls of paper towel. I tried so hard to make sure everything had its place and was carefully itemised but this box went against it all. And unfortunately, that’s just the way it goes. I mean, we needed a wine opener and some glasses to share a bottle of wine together (and pizza) the night before, as our last hurrah in our first home. And you know what? The random packing was worth it to enjoy that experience – one last celebration in the echoes of the loft.

Things will break

Yip. They did. On the day of the move our moving company mistakenly switched up the crew that was due to move us and the new team weren’t properly briefed on our inventory. The result? Our very heavy, custom made oak and copper cupboard (pictured here) lost three of its legs, its top was ripped off and it suffered split wood in sections. Luckily we paid a little extra for movers insurance so its covered. This debacle aside, expect things to get a little dirty as they’re moved. Our solution for our mattress was to cover it in two fitted sheets, back to back and taped completely  around to keep it dust free.

The good news is, unpacking it all is not as bad

It’s kind of like unwrapping a whole lot of gifts! Despite what you tell yourself, you will forget what is in each box (thank goodness for your itemised lists mentioned here)  but it will go quicker than packing – similar to hiking down a mountain after trekking up – quick sticks.

Make your bed first

My mom was on board to help (thank goodness) and her big tip is “To make your bed first”. Before you’ve even unpacked your suitcase, fluff out your pillows, lay flat your duvet and smooth your quilt because when you’re completely exhausted halfway through box 7 in the kitchen, you know that a soft and well-sorted slumber awaits.

x Tessa


  1. Hi Tessa. Phew! I can totally relate to this. We moved twice (across the country) in 23 months. It was madness, but luckily there are some quirky tales to tell & also some lessons learnt.

    Best of luck with this wonderful new chapter in your lives. x


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