Ever wanted to design your own leather handbag? Here’s your chance

I struggle to find anything that’s perfectly to my taste.

There’s always something out of place. Either the shoe sole is too clunky, the trouser leg too long or the intricate cable knit jumper is made from polyester. This means that I buy less – which is great! But sometimes you absolutely need a classic white T-shirt and when there’s nothing to choose from – at all – it becomes a bit depressing. Handbags are a whole other story as the good ones tend to come with a price tag – making that extra unwanted pocket across the front all the more reason to deliberate.

Welcome to the Goldilocks of accessorizing – the One that’s    j  u  s  t     right.

Flagship handbags has been around for a few years. The founder, Sue – also happens to be my mom – but she embarked on this journey as a hobby and now she makes beautifully soft handcrafted bags to order on the regular – competing (and in my opinion overtaking) the endless swathes of rubbish on offer in some luxury stores. What is the point in having an IT bag when you can have your OWN bag? Bespoke is the ultimate luxury, really. One of a kind – a signature stamp.

People always ask “Did you make that yourself?” Cue giant sigh here – yes she did. All by herself – quietly crafting in her Joburg studio. Nope, these aren’t ordered from India or made in a factory in Braamfontein, every single bag is lovingly crafted from scratch. Sue has attention to detail like no other. She also has the patience of a nursery school teacher and will perfect every fold, clasp or rivet before she’s done.

This means I have over the years been a model, guinea pig and also proud owner of many a Flagship handbag. It’s quite an experience sitting in the workshop and picking the exact leather swatch you’re after and choosing the strap to be just – yay – high.

Sue is a creative genius and spent some time in London perfecting her craft. She also, like me – believes in the best possible quality and uses the softest, buttery smooth leather and shiny Italian made hardware – that’s the rings, buckles and clasps that dangle and jingle (expensively).

My story has a point.

Sue has just launched an extremely exciting website which is streamlining the whole process – for you the customer and her – the workshop. Instead of picking out an idea, six core handbag designs (think from bucket to tote costing from around R3000 – R6000) have been created and come with a multitude of exciting add-ons.

After a fuchsia pocket? Done. Seven extra tassels? Also done. Pick, design and pay on the website creating your unique colour combinations. I mean really, how amazing? She’s been working with a top-notch web design team and the result is this dear reader, is a land of leather and opportunity.

Once you’ve picked what you’re after, a small deposit means the workshop is a go and your bag will be ready in a few short weeks.

Your bespoke, completely unique, and totally your OWN bag will soon swing from your shoulder with personality and pride.

And so I urge you to get clicking and have a little luxurious gander at Flagship Handbag’s brand new site – it’s well worth it.


I got playing and designed this beauty in a few short minutes. What do you think?

Flagship_Pocket (1 of 1)
yes – those are all the colours you can choose from!
Flagship_library (1 of 1)
You can also check out her previous masterpieces – and set up an appointment for a complete custom experience.


Flagship_Pocket (2 of 3)
One of my favourites from the Pick a Pocket collection
a beautiful detachable fringed strap

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