Shower and body products that actually moisturise your dry skin

Glossier Body Hero and Mixa soothing lotion

I’ve never been one for body lotion. As much as I love the idea of super-soft, glorious skin from years or lathering on the lotion, I just forget. Or, It’s too cold. However, London had other plans for my lotion laziness. Mostly, because of the hard water, my skin needs oils, creams and moisturisers to keep it from getting more irritated and dry. My solution? Welcome dear reader. 

Mixa Soothing Repair Lotion

I wasn’t prepared for how dehydrated my skin would get from the cold. Cold weather strips the moisture from you skin and you can really feel how tight, dry and irritated it gets.  This Mixa Soothing Body Lotion works an absolute treat, absorbs really beautifully and isn’t fragranced. The bottle looks quite old school pharmaceutical – which I actually quite like. Apparently it’s new to the UK market from France. Beauty blogger’s swear by it so I figured I’d give it a try. I find it’s creamier but absorbs better than something like E45 (even though E45 is a lighter lotion). Next I’m going to try a  richer version, Cica Repair Balm. But this is good for now. Plus at £6 its easy to top-up.

You can buy it here for around £6



Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

Glossier’s epic brand philosophy makes me want every single product. I’ve managed to restrain myself but most recently I ordered the Body Hero Duo and I went for it during a 20% off shipping promo. The cream is lovely, softly scented and has teeny particles of shimmer (that make skin glow). It’s great if you dislike that feeling of ‘waiting for my cream to dry’ as it absorbs in seconds. It’s very thick though and I can’t use it everyday.

The Daily Oil Wash was made with facial oil cleansers and rich creams in mind. In other words, dry, sad, London skin loves it. It smells like summery Frangipanis and I love the retro design of the pump bottle. It its quite heavily fragranced and I can’t use it on my chest (super sensitive skin here) but it foams up and leaves skin feeling clean and moisturised. It makes the whole bathroom smell like a steamy floral green house making it nice to use in the mornings as a wake-up call. Sadly, I dropped mine and it smashed. The bathroom still smells beautiful but its replacement is on its way.


I ordered Glossier online as it ships to the UK – the duo is around £28 for the pair and you can check out the rest of the Holy Grail Glossier here

I’m  finally making the effort to moisturise my dry skin daily. My next goal is to use a dry brush in the shower, everyday to get circulation going and slough away dry skin. I love the idea of it – dry brushing seems so simple! 

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