Why you should introduce your skin to a daily dose of Vitamin C

I noticed my hands first. A few drops of The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F – applied directly to my face (with the rest spread across the backs of my hands) has left my hands looking younger, fresher. And, less like I’ve spent 12 years with my hands on a steering wheel, under a hot, […]

Ever wanted to design your own leather handbag? Here’s your chance

I struggle to find anything that’s perfectly to my taste. There’s always something out of place. Either the shoe sole is too clunky, the trouser leg too long or the intricate cable knit jumper is made from polyester. This means that I buy less – which is great! But sometimes you absolutely need a classic […]

How to| DIY coconut oil hair mask and exfoliating scalp treatment

We’ve all heard about the brilliance of coconut oil. Body moisturiser? Of course. Substitute for frying oil? Absolutely. Ability to answer emails? Perhaps.. I decided to try a DIY hair mask because I’m quite literally hating my hair at the moment and figured a moisturising, calming treatment might help my dry, coarse curls.  A friend of […]